Mobile phone numbers begin with 04, followed by eight digits. e.g. 04yy yxx xxx. The y-digit codes are allocated per network, although with the introduction of number portability, there is no longer a fixed relationship between the mobile phone number and the network it uses. New numbers are still allocated to phone companies in blocks, so a new number will generally still be on its "home" network.

Within Australia, mobile numbers must always be dialed with all 10 digits, no matter where they are being called from. 04 is a prefix, not an "area code", as such.


Area Code 0482 Details and Prefixes
General Details about Area Code 0482
Country Australia
Capital City Canberra
Time Zone UTC+08:00 - UTC+10:00
Phone Type Mobile

Area Code 0482 Prefixes

Prefix Mobile Phone Company
0482007 Optus
0482088 Optus
0482029 Optus
0482081 Optus
0482014 Optus
0482032 Optus
0482020 Optus
0482037 Optus
0482070 Optus
0482087 Optus
0482046 Optus
0482003 Optus
0482058 Optus
0482002 Optus
0482084 Optus
0482021 Optus
0482015 Optus
0482060 Optus
0482000 Optus
0482009 Optus
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